It’s our job to care for landscapes, but it’s also our responsibility to care for the environment. We believe that a beautiful landscape can enhance your quality of life, but an important part of that effort is ensuring your landscape is environmentally sound. The following are examples of our efforts to remain environmentally responsible:

The Green Roof

Utilizing 100 percent recycled materials and renewable resources, the AirField System serves as the base for a 75,000-square-foot natural grass rooftop athletic field atop a three-level parking garage on Chesapeake Energy’s Oklahoma City campus. This system allows for minimal site disturbance and reduced water usage.

Chesapeake Employee Garden

This perennial and vegetable garden allows employees to grow fruits and vegetables for their families, with excess produce donated to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. It also serves as a venue for company partnership with OKC Beautiful and the Inasmuch Foundation.

Educare School

Educare is a startup for kids that otherwise would never have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful, green schools with kid-friendly plants. The selection includes teddy bears, elephant topiaries, herbs and flowers that tickle the senses and add lots of bright colors.