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Total Environment, Inc. - Native Garden for Special Care School

Wildscape for Therapy and Education

Special Care serves children with and without special needs with year-round high quality early childhood education specialized services and on-site therapeutic services. Their mission is to nurture all children in an inclusive and supportive nature-based environment.

It was a dream of the educators at Special Care to develop a fully accessible and educational nature area that supported natural childhood curiosity while allowing them to explore living plants, insects and animals in an environment of native trees, shrubs and thousands of colorful wildflowers specially selected for the Oklahoma climate and children. One day, a very special donor helped make their dream come true! All this…nestled between busy city streets!

Total Environment, along with Special Care educators, and a very special donor, planned and executed the installation of the garden (which takes about 2 – 3 years to develop). We worked closely with the school administrators to  

Each year, the garden is evaluated for the addition of suitable species both to attract pollinators, provide food for wildlife and to bring joy into the lives of city kids!

Children can ride bikes and other mobile equipment as well as do their Physical Therapy along the winding pathways (wheelchair accessible) and enjoy the beauty as they go. We do limited maintenance and allow nature to balance itself (with a little help from its friends!)

A large bee hive has been added (fenced in for safety) and special bird houses will be erected in 2018, made by a child’s grandparent.

Successful WildScape’s take patience and commitment…and the educators of Special Care understand that process.

In 2017, Special Care’s WildScape won a Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Award in their Non-Profit category.

Designer, Linda Horn, worked closely with the Special Care team of teachers, administrators and donors to develop and implement the plan. Each year the garden is evaluated by Linda and the team for the addition of suitable species both to attract pollinators, provide food for wildlife and to bring joy, education and instill a love of nature into the lives of the children.  
This native garden has bee hives and birdhouses, hundreds of native trees, shrubs and is the perfect setting for outdoor education and therapy. 
In 2017, Special Care won a KEEP OKLAHOMA BEAUTIFUL AWARD in their non-profit category!