Large Fortune 100 Child Care Facility

This project was an on-campus day care for Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s employees. The play equipment was specified by a California-based design group, and all other planting, lighting and drainage was designed and installed by Total Environment. The Rand Elliott-designed building was set up for each classroom to have its own adjacent playground and outside space, with activities designed for specific age groups ranging from newborn to pre-K. The project also included larger playground areas for joint use by multiple age groups.

  • Extreme grade changes on-site (walls, slopes, drainage), including 8-10 feet in the north courtyard
  • Child safety (soft pavement for preschool play area, grades and plant materials)
  • Edible plants where possible (no poisonous plants, berries, leaves or seeds)
  • Exterior cameras (so parents could view the site from their office computers)
  • No chemical weed control or pest management; no mowers or trimmers allowed during the week
  • Site screening with green plants to block kids from street views
  • Planting design needed to complement the ultra-modern building style
  • Clearance for play equipment dictated location distance to plantings