Grand Estate in Nichols Hills

The informal landscape design style contrasts with the formality of the homes stately architecture.

Landscape Design: Collaboration with Landscape Designer, Joe Coffin and Interior Designer, Fanny Bolen.

Key elements of this impressive home include the entrance motor court designed to accommodate seven vehicles. Landscape elements feature Espaliered Magnolias and Espaliered Silverberry Eleagnus, set off by unique displays of seasonal color changes appointed with ‘Green Velvet’ Boxwood.

The front terrace (alias ‘The Breakfast Nook’) garden, includes whimsically massive bronze bunny sculptures nestled under well preserved live oaks. The large dining banquette is constructed of curved cut stone and wrought iron, flanked by large urns of annual color. The terrace was kept at existing grade so as not to obstruct views from the home to the street.

Throughout  the landscape,  plants such as ‘Natchez’ Crapemyrtle , ‘Allee’ Elms, ‘Tayor’ Junipers, native  Soapberry’s, heirloom climbing roses, fragrant Viburnums, 'Volcano' Lespedeza and Mexican Petunias abound.

The Great Lawn is bordered by a Rose Tunnel (planted with ‘New Dawn’ roses & and ‘Jackmanni’ Clematis),

A unique lavender (favorite color of the client) Tennis Court is enclosed by glass railings at the cabana. Walls are covered in Lady Banks Roses, Amethyst Falls wisteria and wintercreeper coloratus.

The Fire pit and woodland Garden located North of the swimming pool features Redbuds, Oakleaf Hydrangeas, ‘Little Limelight’ Hydrangeas, Holly Ferns, ‘Blue Ice’ Arizona Cypress and Needle Palms. The landscape also sports an artificial turf lawn under the Pecan tree swing!