Central Car Park at Chesapeake Energy

To address a unique need for this corporation — limited space and the desire for a sports facility — Total Environment installed a 74,000-square-foot professional sports field atop a three-story parking garage. The solution was the AirField System, which combines a 12-inch profile with an AirDrain system at its base. AirDrain provides a perched water table and 100 percent vertical drainage under the entire playing surface, while allowing for extremely deep root growth and a strong, healthy turf, important for athletes’ safety and performance.

The project used 3,000 tons of USGA sand specked with additional 10 percent organic material. The turf is composed of Patriot Bermuda grass, a specific variety developed at OSU and grown for Total Environment in Bixby, Okla., by Easton Sod. The turf was developed to withstand heavy foot traffic, quickly recover from damage, and retain color. Once the turf was established, it performed better than we ever expected: In the first five weeks after installation, we were able to achieve more than 6 inches of root growth despite intense 100-plus degree weather.