TMT MEMORIAL – 6200 W. Memorial

Expressively contemporary, mixed use development is wrapped in both native and drought tolerant plant materials that are low maintenance. Plants such as Red Yucca, Mexican Feather Grass, Vitex ‘Shoals Creek’,  ‘Nellie Stevens’ Holly, Blue Dune Grass, ‘Heavy Metal’ Switch Grass, ‘Sarah’s Favorite’ Crapemyrtle  and ‘Lemon Ball’ Sedum were selected for year round color and dramatic  presentation.

Water management for the entire landscape is handled with an efficient drip system with a rain and freeze sensor.

Decomposed granite was used for mulch, eliminating the need for regular mulching and much of the weeding – keeping maintenance to a minimum.Strategically placed boulders were used to prevent vehicle damage to plants as well as for aesthetics.